Every Hanoi tour agent offers Ha Long Bay excursions, which work out easier ai??i?? and usually cheaper ai??i?? than doing the same thing yourself. There are a wide variety of trips available, including day-tours, though since the bay is a 6hr round trip from Hanoi these can feel very rushed. Most opt for a two-day, one-night tour, with the night spent at sea ai??i?? this can be a delightful experience. Others go for a three-day, two-night trip, with the second night spent on wonderful Cat Ba Island.


Thereai??i??s also the option of getting to Cat Ba by public transport ai??i?? youai??i??ll miss out on a night at sea and a few caves, but from your hydrofoil seat youai??i??ll see the bay on the way (albeit in fast-forward).

Budget and mid-range tours

Competition among Hanoi tour operators is incredibly fierce, meaning that you can get an overnight trip for next to nothing ai??i?? sometimes as low as $30. However, at this price range you really could be running the gauntlet, and many travellers encounter difficulties which sour their appreciation of the bay: vessels can be dirty, have poor facilities or be horribly overcrowded ai??i?? itai??i??s always best to ask operators if they have a maximum group size (sixteen is the usual upper limit), though such promises are often broken. Some junks are also simply unsafe, though regulations have been tightened up since a boat went down in early 2011, killing eleven tourists and their local guide. Do also note that if your trip is cancelled ai??i?? due to bad weather, for example ai??i?? you are entitled to a full refund under Vietnamese law.

Compounding the confusion is the fact that very few operators have their own vessels ai??i?? travellers tend to be shunted onto whichever junk has room. As such, you may find yourself sharing a vessel with people who have paid far more or less for the same thing. In short, itai??i??s almost impossible to give concrete recommendations for budget tour operators, but there are some good mid-range choices:

Diy tours from Ha Long City

Most foreign tourists visit the bay on tours starting in Hanoi, but itai??i??s just about possible to do the same thing independently ai??i?? however, it must be said that these are still tours, and not likely to save you much money when allai??i??s added up. First of all you have to get to Ha Long City, then head to the Bai Chay tourist wharf, 2km west of town along Ha Long Avenue. From one booth here itai??i??s possible to take one of several day-trips, costing $5ai??i??10 per person and taking either 4, 6 or 8hr. However, these boats can get rather crowded and are not really recommended; if you go down this route, youai??i??ll also need to buy an entry ticket for the bay (30,000Ai??), as well as tickets to the caves (10,000ai??i??20,000Ai??).

If youai??i??re travelling in a group or want greater independence, you can always charter your own boat. Prices start at $50, excluding cave entry, for a 25-seater for 4hr. Meals on board cost extra, but can be excellent. Drinks tend to be pricey ai??i?? itai??i??s best to take your own.

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