Tam Cung cave


Located in the center of Halong Bay, 5 kilometers from the Sung Sot Cave to the northeast, Tam Cung Cave (Three Palaces Cave) is one of the most wonderful caves in Halong. The cave itself is divided into three parts; after walking through stone cracks, tourists can reach the first part of the cave where tourists can see a numerous nice forms gathering from different rocky shapes and you may hear a strange sound like the traditional instruments sound.


Tourists can also see a fairy whose white beard flies in the wind climbing the mountain. On the wall are three statues which are symbols of prosperity, happiness and longevity. On the ceiling of the chamber are some stalactites hanging down look like thousand of buds in a garden of stone flowers. Passing through a narrow path, tourists will experience a natural museum of lively mammal species such as seals, lions, etc

To reach the second chamber of the cave, tourists will pass a bumpy way through a fresh water stream which is murmuring round year. And the last chamber will bring visitors further extraordinary stone depictions. Tourists can see a spectacular bas-relief on which a lot of strange images are carved meticulously with flowers, bamboos, stone curtains, and even sleeping elephants.