Kim Quy Cave


Kim Quy Grotto or Golden Tortoise Grotto is situated on DA?m Nam Islet, with a peak 187 m above sea level. DA?m Bac Islet is in the front of the grotto and Soi Sim Islet in the back. The grotto is 100 m long and 5 to 10 m wide, running in a north-south direction. A narrow way leads to the interior of the grotto where a stream flows. The stalactites here are snow-white and lightly hang from the ceiling.

Kim Quy is the name, which is related to the legend of the Gold Tortoise in Sword Restoring Lake (Hoan Kiem Lake). According to this legend, after helping the king with defeating the enemy, the tortoise floated over the water surface and ask for the sword back before coming to the South China sea. When he came to this part of land, he met many evils and ask for being stayed and defeat them. After he exterminated all the devils, he was exhausted and stayed in a cave and turned into rock.


It is linked to the ancient legend of the Golden Tortoise: after having helped Emperor LA? Loi defeat his enemies, the Golden Tortoise took back the magic sword he had given him, and swam towards the sea. Arriving in Ha Long Bay, it met with so many evil spirits and demons hindering its journey that it remained to do battle. After having defeated them all, the Golden Tortoise was so exhausted that it searched for a grotto to rest in, and once inside, turned to stone.

Today in the grotto, it can be found dozing, still with ancient wounds covering its body.